The Birth of HostBilling

A Billing & Management Software for the Web Hosting Industry. But, it is not just software out of the blue. It has a story; it has features, connections, talks with other systems and software via API, and finally, it has love.

The Base

We make Enterprise Software. We also sell downloadable software on our another company named- CloudOnex For the last ten years, we have made so many loyal customers. As we sell self-hosted downloadable software, many customers want us to host their applications and websites. In other words, they want us to manage their hosting. While our customers are growing, we need software to manage their hosting, support, billing in a platform.

The Yield

So like everyone else, we started to look at the current software space for the web hosting industry. We found a few, but none of them met our expectations. We wanted a modern, fast platform. When our customers buy software from us, they have certain expectations with the quality and user experiences. To meet their expectations, we needed to build one. So, we yield HostBilling by extending our current tools.

The Launch

This part is interesting. When we started using this software to manage our customers, some of them were asking-

"Hey, what software are you using for managing customers?"

"Is it a custom CRM?"

"Are you selling that too?"

So, we thought, why not?

And HostBilling as a Service is born.

The Iteration

We admit that HostBilling is very new in that space. But we have a vision, a vision to disrupt this space by invention and improvements. It's shaping from your feedbacks.

HostBilling got a dedicated team, investment, and resources. We are making changes and pushing updates a lot. In this early stage of this software, we highly appreciate your support. We are listening to you and implementing features and integrations. Sometimes it takes time. However, we are happy you are patient. You have love with this software, that motivates us more.

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