HostBilling vs. WHMCS

WHMCS is far from the new kid on the block. It’s pretty much become synonymous with web hosting billing software over the years. However, web hosting business owners and agencies are looking for a modern system to provide their customers with a better platform for user experience and security.

HostBilling vs WHMCS


HostBilling is highly customizable. You can even customize the admin portal layouts, drag, and drop menu items, create a custom layout using colors of choice. You can also replace the backend logo with your logo.

You can easily create a custom client portal that looks and feels like your brand. Most of the big brand's customer portal looks are unique. They distinguish them from others using that. On the other hand, most of the WHMCS customer portal looks like same and easy to identify that they are using WHMCS.

HostBilling supports to create your entire website on the platform. So, your website and client portal make you feels the same as your branding guideline.

If you are selling other custom services, it is easy to do using HostBilling. Its customizability will give you complete control over how you want to use it.


HostBilling pricing is straightforward, which gives you the benefits of not paying more.

In WHMCS, for instance, if you own customers between 1001-2500, you will have to pay $99.95/month.

And, if you have more than 10,000 customers, you will have to contact them to get the pricing.

In HostBilling, Our infrastructure allows you to have unlimited customers. Hostbilling is here to help from your early stage to get big.

Tech Stack

To power server stacks, HostBilling's cloud computing platform of choice is Amazon Web Services. HostBilling is built on modern SaaS architecture.

WHMCS requires you to install ioncube(PHP obfuscator tool) loader on your server.

WHMCS does not support PHP 8.0+ yet.

WHMCS communicates with their licensing server. So, it makes an extra step and may slow your application.

Project Management

HostBilling has a built-in modern Project Management. On the other hand, in WHMCS, you need to pay an additional $99.95 for the project management addon.

Software Licensing

HostBilling has built-in highly customizable software licensing modules. On the other hand, in WHMCS, you need to pay an additional $99.95 for the project management addon.

WHMCS Migration

Are you planning to migrate from WHMCS to HostBilling?

Our professional Team can Guide you.

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