Add a cPanel/WHM Server.

  1. Login to your HostBilling and go to Servers. 
  2. Click “Add New Server”
  3. Give the name of your Server. You can put any name here, and it’s for your recognition.
  4. Select “cPanel” as server type from the dropdown list.
  5. Enter the hostname or IP address.
  6. Enter the WHM username
  7. Enter the API token. You will generate an API token by login into your WHM.
    cPanel WHM Generate API token
  8. Click Save
Now you have added a cPanel server. Next, it’s time to test if HostBilling can connect with your Server.

In the “Servers,” you will see your newly created Server with the “WHM” icon. Click on the icon, and it will automatically log in to your WHM.

Importing your Existing cPanel Accounts

On your Servers list, click on your newly created cPanel server, and a side drawer will open, which will show a list of hosting accounts.

List of Hosting Accounts

Now click on the “+” icon, which will open another side drawer. The form will autofill with the data from API.

New Hosting Account
You do not need to put the hosting login URL and password because your customer will be able to one-click login to your cPanel using the API integration.

The imported hosting accounts will show in the “Hosting Accounts” list.
You will also find the one-click login button for hosting accounts.

One Click cPanel Login from the Backend

When importing or later editing the Hosting Account, you would be able to assign it to a customer. By doing this, your customer will see that on their customer dashboard and be able to log in directly from the Portal.

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