Business Settings

Go to General Settings by navigating to the Settings.

Here you will find the following parameters-

Workspace Name: Put your business or brand name here.

Workspace Logo Text: In some places, the system will place the logo text where the brand logo is not available. Generally, you will put the brand name here.

Business Tagline: Your business tagline

Business Email: Your business email

Business Phone: Phone number of your business

Business Website: Your business website

Workspace logo short text: Use a short text like HB

Default Country: You will set the default country here, and the system will select this by default in various forms.

Default State: Set the default state or region

Next, you will find an option to upload your logo.

There are three types of logos.

Logo: The system will show the general logo in various places like in the Invoices and the Quotes.

Logo Backend: The backend logo will be shown on the backend of your HostBilling

Square Logo: The system will use the square logo for the app icon and the favicon in the frontend.