Web Hosting Business Management and Automation



Web Hosting Business Management and Automation

RRR, Are you stuck with the decade-old W**** software? Because you didn’t find a better alternative? Now you found it.

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100+ Native Integrations

CRM for the Web Hosting Business

Manage your customer relationships and interactions

With HostBilling, boost up your sales and save time on support. It comes with a built-in powerful CRM to support your entire customer journey.

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Native Integration

Are you tired of connecting so many jacks to light up your business and then forgot which jack is loose and lost the connection? So you got a smart home but not intelligent software? Trash them. HostBilling wired with native integration.

Pricing Simplified

No more confusing pricing plans. Let’s simplify our pricing with one line- $49/month and additional 2 months free if you pay yearly with up to 5000 customers and 2 users.

Sell Anything!

Whether it is web hosting, subscriptions, domains, service, downloadable items, you name it. Sell anything!

Host CRM

Tried many CRM but didn’t match your business requirements? You found it now. We tailor-made the CRM for the Web Hosting industry.

Get more done for less

Get more done for less

Sell more, Save time, Turn manual tasks into automation, Signup and Get Started within minutes.

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It has native SMS integrations, and there are many ways to use it. For example, you can create phone verification during signup. Send invoice payment reminders or order status update via SMS.

Incoming & Outgoing Webhooks

Hook it with third-party scripts, integrations, or write your own. Listen to various application events and create actions for them.


Shh! We have one more Wire! Cable it with your Current Software, and it will do the Rest!

It has a brain too!

HostBilling can assist you in generating ticket replies by learning from you and your help desk articles. In addition, it will mark the ticket importance from the message of your customers.